Getting Photography Ready
Wednesday, August 19, 2015
By Carlos osorio
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A Few days before you walk down the aisle, I like to sit down or chat about your wedding day . 

No bride wants her photographer to start posting photos up with no make up on, so when you photographer arrives make up should be ready by then.

Here is an example of a getting ready timeline I like to create 

At 3pm when photographers and videographer arrive hair and make up should be finished or just about .
3pm Photographer & Videographer arrives to room for detail shots
all details laid out on bed ( or table if in board rooms)
3:20pm Bride and bridesmaids all hair and make up ready pictures of robes and fun shots with girls.
4:00 pm bridesmaids and moms should start getting dressed Photographers & videographer to go to grooms 
Grooms room 
4:15 pm Groom should have undershirt, pants and socks on, all groomsmen should be dressed no jackets. 
Getting ready Groom Begins
4:40 pm all men should be fully dressed for fun shots (last shot for the groomsmen etc)
Walking shots , Groom only pics
4:45 pm Gift Exchange Best man to go to brides room if applicable bride should be ready and gift exchange MOH to go to grooms room
4:50 Bridal Portraits Mom lacing up dress and family and bridesmaids video 
father of bride to room for Dad's first look , Parent photos and Bridesmaids photos.
5:00 pm Hotel Blind shoot  , first look etc. if applicable
6:00  line up for ceremony 
6:20 Walk down the isle